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FRM-41810: Menu security in Oracle Forms 10g release 2

April 13, 2012 5 comments

I’m migrating an app from forms 9i to forms 10g release 2.

The menus uses role security, I’ve compiled the forms in 10g release 2 and when I open the form I get this chain of errors:

FRM-41810: Error creating menu
FRM-10256: User is not authorized to run form builder menu
FRM-41810: Error creating menu
FRM-10205: Menu not found
FRM-40105: Unable to resolve reference to item %s.

I have encountered this problem at other times, but I settled for the fast-track: disable the menu security.

But today I feel inspired and I wanted to find a solution. After trying different things, I’ve found this oracle note: Implementing and Troubleshooting Menu Security in Forms [ID 28933.1]

To implement menu security in Oracle Forms 9.0.x, 10.1.2 or 11.1.x you have to create an old compatibility view, execute this in SQL*Plus as SYSTEM user:
For 9.0.x:

SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME\tools\dbtab90\forms90\frm90sec.sql;

For 10.1.2 or 11.1.x:

SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME\tools\dbtab\forms\frmsec.sql;

The script, in 10g is this:

create or replace view FRM50_ENABLED_ROLES as
select urp.granted_role role,
sum(distinct decode(rrp.granted_role,
 'ORAFORMS$DBG',1,0)) flag
from sys.user_role_privs urp, role_role_privs rrp
where urp.granted_role = rrp.role (+)
 and urp.granted_role not like 'ORAFORMS$%'
group by urp.granted_role;

create public synonym FRM50_ENABLED_ROLES for system.FRM50_ENABLED_ROLES;

create role ORAFORMS$OSC;
create role ORAFORMS$DBG;
create role ORAFORMS$BGM;

Now, grant select access to the view created:

SQL> grant select on frm50_enabled_roles to public;

And now, from a user account, test the view:

SQL> select * from frm50_enabled_roles;

If you can see values, the menu security must work in Forms 10g.


ALTER ROLE system privilege

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

We’ve created a super-privileged user, that needs a lot of system privileges.

Now, we need this user to do:


The privilege it needs is


If you want a complete list of system privileges and its corresponding grant, have a look at this

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