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Split files in linux

I have a large database export file (7G)  and I want to split in volumes using zip. But the zip version of the machine is 2.32, that has no -s parameter to split files (version 3.0 has this parameter).

The last supported version of zip is 2.3 (Red Hat Enterprise Server release 5.3, a production machine), and our policy is not to install uncertified versions on the production environment.

So I gzipped the file and then I splitted in 500M chunks:

$ gzip file.dmp

$ split -b 500M file.dmp.gz /var/mike/file.dmp.gz_

This generates N files named file.dmp.gz_aa, file.dmp.gz_ab, file.dmp.gz_ac…

To unsplit the files, just “cat” it:

$ cat /var/mike/file.dmp.gz_* > file.dmp.gz

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